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Hi every body,

Firstly, appologies for taking so long to update the website, I assure you it's not because we haven't been busy!

Rich has been doing challenging solo events and the video's will be here soon. The team has also been investigating and we are working our way through the huge amount of video, photographic and EVP evidence we have collected, our findings will be published soon.

  Clevedon Pier

The latest solo challenge for Rich is about to start. The Local press here in the South West of England have been filled with stories and even a picture of a Ghostly apparition on a victorian Pier in a seaside town called Clevedon. Rich has been granted full access to the pier and will be investiging the Ghostly going on's armed only with his trusty camera... and some warm clothing!


A photograph of a Ghost? These pictures where taken in a series and clearly shows a figure standing in the middle photograph. Where did he come from? Where did he go?

Rich has been on the local radio and has been interviewed by the Bristol Evening Post, the interview will be published 28/02/12.

Keep checking the site for more updates.


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